Our Reporting to Parents package is focussed on a number of events distributed across the year.  We report on the National Standards levels which places students as Working Towards, At or Above in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  We believe in developing the whole child so we also report on how your child works within key competencies and school values, as well as effort and participation in school life.

The main Reporting to Parents events include: 

  • Start of Term One: Meet your Child’s Teachers
  • End of Term One : Parent Meetings for Year 7
  • Term Two : Mid-Year Assessment Statement and National Standards
  • Term Three: Year 7 and Year 8 Conferences  
  • Term Four: Assessment Statement and National Standards and optional Year 7 interview

Assessment Conferences are focussed on the students sharing their goals and learning progress with their parents in small group situations where the teacher will be available to address questions and concerns.  Conferences are booked using an on-line system.

Teachers are available to meet with parents at any time during the year.  These meetings may be arranged, as appropriate, either before or after school by contacting the classroom teacher.

Specialist teachers use Google Drive to show sample work, reflections and achievements in Music, Visual Art, Hard Materials Technology, Bio and Food Technology, Multi Media and Design, and Science.  

Students who are new learners of English may receive different mid-year and end of year reports.