Farm Cove Intermediate School provides an attractive and supportive learning environment catering for a roll of 550-600 students. The Board of Trustees endeavours to manage the roll to ensure growth does not have a negative impact on the resources or social and academic needs of the students. As a school we are committed to maintaining a warm and friendly environment which caters for individuals. We strive for excellence in all things.

Farm Cove is a variable space school which is currently divided into six Areas, with senior staff members having responsibility for the day to day running of Areas. The number of classes is dependent on the roll number. Throughout the year, all students attend specialist classes, which include art, food and bio technology, information and communication technology, hard materials and electronics technology, music and science. ICT is also implemented throughout the school, with each Area being well equipped with computers.

We have a digital area where most of the children’s learning is conducted on netbooks.

The school has an excellent gymnasium which ensures students have physical education all year round. This facility is also widely used by the community. In addition to this, we have a smaller hall/auditorium facility which is used for school assemblies, community activities and cultural activities.

Farm Cove Intermediate has been a recipient of various awards over the years including the MultiServe/Telecom Information Award and has twice won the Goodman Fielder School of the Year award in the large Primary/Intermediate section.