Student Values

Students have defined the school values of Farm Cove Intermediate School.

All pupils practice these values as part of their daily life at school.

  • Friendliness
  • Cooperation
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Enthusiasm
  • Persistence


Congratulations to the following

students for displaying Farm Cove

values last week:


FCI Reps for Term 3, Week 1


Totara Pohutukawa Manuka
Neerav Singh - Friendliness  Tracy Yu - Integrity Oscar McConnell - Friendliness
Peyton Haugh - Enthusiasm Annalise Ly - Respect Jerry Shi - Integrity
Dean Martin - Persistence Matt Struwig - Enthusiasm Nia Moli - Enthusiasm
Queenie Zhang - Persistence Edgar Xie - Persistence  
Horopito Kowhai  Specialists
Lily Jaksic - Integrity Lauren Jones - Integrity  
Kayleigh Paras - Enthusiasm Peyton Freeman - Respect  
Doris Jin - Persistence Eliza Butcovan - Enthusiasm  
Angel Olap - Persistence    


Term 2 Badge Winners
Totara Lakshya Narooka      
Pohutukawa      Aliza Jivani
Manuka Poppy Steinbring
Horopito Lucas Khong
Kowhai Minette Deyzel
Specialist Eden Ward