High Expectations

Excellence in all things

Teachers interpret and scaffold learning to enable students to achieve their personal best. Students understand their learning tasks.

Treaty of Waitangi

Acknowledging the Treaty of Waitangi as the foundation of NZ/Aotearoa all students will have an equal opportunity to learn. Opportunities are provided for all students to achieve knowledge of te reo Maori me ona tikanga.

Cultural Diversity

Teachers and children respect each others' cultural and personal backgrounds. This is reflected in the FCI Way where multicultural values, and the traditions and values of New Zealanders are respected.


The curriculum is inclusive of all and students are treated fairly without discrimination. Student learning needs are addressed and their identities, language, abilities and talents are appreciated and affirmed.

Learning to Learn

Teachers help students to learn through explicit feedback that guides success and how best to move forward. Students know what they are learning and what successful learning looks like.

Community Engagement

The learning experiences connect the curriculum to the students' world and encourages the support of their family and the community.


Learning is experienced in ways that inter-connect values, key competencies and learning areas.

Future Focus

Learning experiences are relevant to the changing worlds in which we live now and in the future.