In the interests of safety the school has the following procedure:

  • Parents/guardians contact the school by phoning, email or App notification before 8.30 am if their child is going to be late to school or absent from school on that day. Please give the reason for the absence.

  • Where an absence is for more than a day, a written note must be sent to the teacher on your child's return to school.

  • Unexplained absences will be followed up by the school office.

  • Frequent and/or unexplained absences may be interpreted as truancy and appropriate action taken.

  • Students arriving late to school must sign in at the office.

  • Continual lateness may be viewed as truancy and appropriate follow up action taken.

  • For dental or medical appointments, the appointment card or a written note must be shown to the homegroup teacher and the office notified prior to appointment.

  • Children must be collected from the school office by a parent/caregiver or identified designated adult if they are required to leave during school hours. Students may not, under any circumstances, leave the school grounds on their own during school hours.

  • A medical certificate should be provided after 5 consecutive days of absence due to illness.

Request for Leave from School

When a parent/caregiver has occasion to take a student out of school for a specific purpose such as overseas travel, for five school days or longer the request must come to the Principal in writing at least ten days prior to the required dates for absence. This complies with the Education Act (1989).