School Books/Stationery

  1. Mathematics and English text books are supplied for classroom use by the school through our Board of Trustees.  Children may be expected to replace or reimburse for lost or damaged text books.
  2. At the beginning of each year, all required stationery will be available in Farm Cove Intermediate packs which can be purchased from OfficeMax My School.  Packs include workbooks.   Parents/guardians are welcome to purchase elsewhere, but students are expected to have their stationery requirements on day one of the school year.
  3. There will be an additional cost to purchase resources to support the homework programme.  
  4. Replacement stationery items can be purchased at the school office throughout the year.  Students should see their teacher to complete a stationery order form which, along with payment, can then sent to the office for processing.


PDF download  Stationery List