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To help keep us all safe, it is now mandatory for anyone over the age of 12 to wear a face covering whilst on-board public transport.

This Government announcement does not apply to school buses, as students are already part of a registered group. You also don’t need to wear a face covering if you have a disability or condition that makes it unsuitable to cover your face.

We recommend you scan the QR codes which are on-board buses, trains, and ferries using the NZ COVID Tracer app.

It’s important to make sure your AT HOP card is registered to help with contact tracing.  If you hear a ‘triple-beep’ when you tag-on, it means your card is not registered. To register your card, click here.

To learn how to make a face covering or for more information, please visit the Government's COVID-19 website.

Let’s continue to do our bit and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

For more information on travelling around Auckland, click here.  


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Superpower  have put together a FREE Information Pack for families with a child who has or might have neurodiversity (ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism Spectrum etc).  There are around 75,000 school age children with some form of neurodiversity.  You can request a copy through the  Facebook link.

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 AGE Sports Academy

AGE Sports Academy is excited to announce the launch of its One Day Football School in collaboration with Auckland United Football Club in Term 2, 2022.
Every Thursday, learners in years 5-8 from across Auckland will have the opportunity to have coaching sessions along with a football-focused learning programme delivered by top coaches from Auckland United Football Club and our very own registered teacher, Andrew Kingston.

This one day school offers the opportunity for the development of skills, strategy, and essential knowledge to enable young athletes to be physically and mentally prepared for a career in their chosen sport. 

To enable leaners to attend the one day school, one of the prerequisites is that the Principals sign the permission form. We hope that by allowing your learners to attend, it has the potential to enhance your own school’s sports team. 

We ask that you please consider advertising this to your parent community to encourage your students to follow their passion. 

Parents can find out more information from the below link or the attached flyer:    


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