Parents/guardians need to be aware of the school rules.  We expect students to behave responsibly at all times and can only achieve this with positive parent/guardian support.

Students must show high standards of courtesy and respect towards teachers, adults and other students

  • Students will respect both school property and other students' personal property.
  • The Board of Trustees will seek payment from the parent/guardians of a student who causes damage to property while disregarding a school rule.

Students must wear the correct uniform in a neat, tidy manner:

  • Jewellery, other than a watch and a single small plain silver or gold stud in each ear lobe, is not permitted.
  • Watches are not to be set using alarm functions during the school day.
  • Hair longer than shoulder-length must be tied back with a school coloured hair tie or clip.  All hair must be secured away from eyes (including fringes).
  • Altering the natural colour of hair,  excessive use of hair gel and extreme hairstyles, eg. braids, beads, "rats' tails" and dreadlocks are not considered appropriate for school.
  • Nail varnish and make up is not permitted.
  • Long socks are to be worn up.

Students must not bring or use the following items in the school environment:

  • Sweets, chewing gum and soft drinks.
  • Drugs of any description including cigarettes, alcohol and vaping.  We deem any drug taking while in school uniform, in or around the school as gross misconduct.
  • Aerosol spray cans (eg. deodorant)
  • Other items considered to be dangerous by the Board of Trustees and Principal.

Students must follow sensible safety procedures both inside and outside the school:

  • Use the footpath and the road properly.  Use the pedestrian crossing to cross Butley Drive.  Please do not call your child across the road.
  • Respond to all bells promptly.
  • Follow staff instructions.
  • Cyclists must use the side of the road, not the footpath and wear a safety helmet.
  • Electric scooters are not permitted at school.

Note:  The BoT, through the Principal, reserves the right to judge what may be termed extreme in the context of Farm Cove Intermediate School's values.