New Zealand Curriculum Framework

Farm Cove Intermediate School adheres strictly to the NZCF (New Zealand Curriculum Framework), and staff maintain an ongoing review process to ensure the needs of students are being met.

Staff also attend courses and continue to upskill themselves professionally to ensure quality teaching and learning is taking place at Farm Cove Intermediate.

Physical Education and Sport

The school has a specialist PE teacher and all children are expected to take part in the programme. To take an active part in our extensive sport and physical
education programme all students must wear the correct school PE uniform. This consists of blue shorts, blue polo shirt and blue school hat in summer. All PE
clothing must be named and should be taken home on Friday afternoons and laundered.

Our students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports at school, zone and Auckland Championship level. Parent/guardian help is frequently
required to support these activities. When a sports group exceeds 15 students a teacher accompanies them and parent/guardian help is sought. Less than
that we may use parent/guardian supervision. In many cases sports uniforms are provided.

Students may be required to reimburse the school for any lost or damaged sports clothing belonging to the school. Most sports fixtures incur an additional cost to
parents for transport.

Outdoor Education and Excursions

School camps are held on alternate years as part of our Education Outside the Classroom programme. There will be camp in 2012. Parent/guardian help will be required for our camp and EOTC programme. In camp years the school does not take part in sports competitions that coincide with the EOTC programme.

Field trips are made to support curriculum studies. Parent/guardian help is generally required to support field trips and these field trips usually incur an additional cost to parents/ guardians.

Australian Competitions

Students are given the opportunity to take part in a full range of Australian exams. There is an additional cost factor for these exams but we do encourage students to take part.