All children are taught within the core subjects of numeracy, literacy, health and physical education and the social sciences.

At Farm Cove Intermediate students learn how to learn and experience success in their learning. The New Zealand curriculum comes to life through a strategic learning pathway using authentic child-centered contexts and with varied teaching strategies designed to meet learning needs. Teachers use effective pedagogy to encourage students to reflect on thought and action.

This is a whole school approach and is 'The Farm Cove Way'. The culture is that of a community of learners striving to improve student learning outcomes through best practice and where the structures and routines support learning. It extends into the wider parent community. We strive for 'Excellence in all things.'

Enrichment Mathematics Class

Students who are achieving at a very high level and have a passion for mathematics, particularly problem solving, are given the opportunity to participate in a withdrawal class. All these students sit the Otago Problem Challenge and the Australian Problem Solving Olympiad. We also offer the Australian Mathematics Competition and the Casio mathex quiz teams are selected from this group.

Digital Areas

Our school is fully digital.  Digital areas give students the chance to enhance and optimise their learning through the use of notebooks. The students use the notebooks for approximately 60% of their in class work and for researching and inquiring about set topics.

The notebooks enable all students to learn and use appropriate computer programmes in an authentic context. They are an excellent tool for students to manipulate in order to present their work in a variety of multimedia ways.

Science and Science Fair

The goal of Science Fair is to support student interest in Science and carrying out a hands-on scientific investigation.

Science Fair should be an interesting and exciting journey of discovery! It is one of the most authentic learning experiences students will undertake at school. Over the course of approximately 6-8 weeks every second year in Term 2, all students are expected, with the help from their teacher and your support, to select a topic, devise a way to carry out their investigation/experiment and present their findings on a project board for display.  The Science Fair will be held in Term 2, 2018.  

Some Areas may choose to do Science Fair investigations annually. 

Science Fair Information for Parents/Caregivers: your role, helpful hints and more details on how to have a successful Science Fair experience click here


School-wide test results and discussions have highlighted the need for many students to be more involved in recreational reading, learn the basic facts and to sharpen their number skills through regular use of Mathletics.  As establishing regular homework routines is so important each student will be gifted a homework notebook.  If this book is lost the student will be asked to purchase a replacement notebook.

For ideas on how parents can support their child with reading, writing and maths click here