Laptops, BYOD and fully Digital Area

FCI strongly recommends that students bring their own digital device (BYOD) each day

The digital classrooms have been highly effective in supporting students' learning over the last ten years.  We would like to continue to extend this digital experience to all Farm Cove Intermediate children so that every learner has a digital device.  We are a Google school.

Why is BYOD important at FCI?

  • Education must move with the times.
  • Individually owned tools create personal learning opportunities.
  • Children will have ready access to information.  Less waiting time to use school resources.
  • Opportunities for collaboration with peers outside of the classroom.
  • Staff will teach the children to be independent learners in preparation for College.

What does Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) look like at FCI?

We recommend that Bring Your Own Devices at Farm Cove Intermediate School need to be able to:

  • Access the internet wirelessly (further information re connectivity will be provided).
  • Allow students to create and edit documents efficiently using tools for processing, presentations, spreadsheets, image manipulation, video and audio editing.
  • Browse the web and download learning resources.
  • Be carried around easily inside a school bag.

One of the many realities of computing in a school environment is that students require a highly portable device with a long battery life. Students must carry their device from class to class and will not be able to rely on having an opportunity to recharge their battery during the day. In addition to this, the device must also be wireless capable and be robust.

As a school we don't believe that mandating a particular device is necessary, and because individual student needs differ, this can be a complex question to answer. We have however put together the following minimum specifications for a suitable BYOD device:

  • Wireless networking capability using 802.11g, n or ac
  • 5 hours of use from one battery charge.
  • Large screen (7.9 inches minimum) enough to work with documents in order to create and edit content.
  • The ability to run a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) that will allow it to access Google Apps and other learning resources.
  • Has software that enables word processing, presentations, spread sheets, image manipulation, video and audio editing (these can be cloud based).
  • Is lightweight, but robust enough to handle daily use.
  • Is in a protective carrying case.

Other considerations

When considering a device, please also bear in mind that the student will be responsible for ensuring that it is kept in good working order. The schools IT team will provide limited assistance with configuring the devices onto the wireless network, but will not provide in-depth on-going technical support.

Warranty – students using the device regularly will want faults fixed quickly, however, the school will not provide technical support or repair services.
Insurance – make sure you are covered for replacement if lost or stolen; the school insurance does not cover personal property.

We do not mandate the purchase of a specific model or device, however, we encourage you to buy a product that includes the features above to ensure your child has the greatest possible access to the educational resources that will support and enhance their learning. The device you do choose to buy needs to satisfy the minimum specifications.


and ranked as most preferred by the school and Pakuranga College

  • Laptop – i3 processor or higher
  • Notebook eg HP Touchscreen, ACER, Samsung etc
  • Netbook Windows
  • Chromebook