Learning with a strong team-focused approach are notable strengths of our school.

Our learning spaces maximise student learning. They are places of positivity, excitement and challenge where students and teachers see each day as a journey, full of purpose and where learning connects to the real world.

We aim for a stronger emphasis on personalisation of learning where students are fully aware of their learning achievements and learning needs. A 'bring your own device system' (BYOD) empowers students who are encouraged to use technology creatively or for research purposes as they see a need or an opportunity in their learning.

There is a strong emphasis on developing the capacity of teachers who are facilitators of learning. Students value having a strong voice and often learn from each other. This encourages active learners who regularly reflect on their learning journey and plan how they will progress their skills and understandings.

We are also very proud of our staff who are committed to providing the best outcomes for our emerging adolescent students. This results in significant growth as each student develops independence and confidence and works towards achieving their goals.

We are proud that we provide a well-rounded education to prepare our students for successful futures. Whether you are a current member of our FCI community, a potential new enrolment, casual visitor or you are looking for a placement for an international student we trust that you will enjoy learning about our school.