Farm Cove students and staff welcome our student leaders to their new role as school Councillors. During 2020 they will build on the leadership characteristics shown during their time as Year 7 students. These characteristics include being a confident speaker with adults and students in a group or public situation, having an ability to listen to and support other students, being able to follow through and complete tasks (even at a moment's notice), always reliable, organised and punctual, showing intiative, being well-mannered, kind, considerate and importantly, trusted and respected by other students and staff.

This year will be an exciting year for the Councillors as they organise mufti days, discos, school assemblies, school events and attend our leadership camp and activities as a representative for FCI.

Congratulations to our student Councillors for 2020:

Saralee Van Wyk, Ben Palmer, Finlay Newton, Matteo Fleming, Sahara Hawkes, Tanya Xiao, Jarrod Hall, Fiona Ling, Angie Li, Abby Powell, Japjee Kaur, Raul Gounder, Mia Davis, Jamie Seok, Alice Baleicakau.



Ambassadors work throughout the year supporting our International and ESOL students. These students show they are reliable, empathetic, organised, kind, mature, social, confident, cooperative and good at communicating.

Throughout the year the students will provide support with pastoral care of the overseas students and help them find their way around the school. They will be writing reports and supporting them on any trips they may take. As they develop as young leaders they will have an opportunity to go on a leadership camp and we often ask Ambassadors to represent the school on special occasions and to host visitors to our school.

We also have an Ambassador who is an international student. This student has the additional task of assisting with translating.

Congratulations to the following Ambassadors for 2020:

 Alex Livingston, Karthiga Raveenthiran, Orin Hugo, William Bott, Hazel Avenell, David Toman, Hollie Harding, Daniel Hall, Finn Jones, Malachi Teikamata, Abby Plom, Mischa Marais, Joseph Kim, Mackenna Drew, Zac Young, Kate Macleod, Liam Gallagher, Charlotte Newsham, Amrit Kaur, Christopher McIntyre.