Camp  Dates for 2022


Year 8 students will be involved in an EOTC programme at school.  




Please ensure that everything is named so that misplaced items can be returned.

Gear List PDF download

Personal Safety and First Aid Kit

This should include a few plasters, insect repellent, sunblock, tissues, lip balm and school sunhat. No medications should be included. We will be taking a more extensive first aid kit with us.


Any medication that your child requires is to be clearly labelled (name, Area and Home Group) in a self sealing bag. Instructions regarding dosage must be included. This medication must be handed to your senior teacher the week prior to camp.

Morning Tea and Lunch

You will need to pack your own morning tea, drink and lunch for your first day of camp. We will feed you for the rest of the week!


All iPods, MP3 players, gaming consoles, cell phones, lollies money and valuables are to be left at home.

Departure Time

You will be leaving school by approximately 9.00 am on your day of departure.

You will need to be in your Area with all your camp gear by 8.00 am.

Returning Time

You may collect your child from their Area at approximately 2.55 pm on return to school.

Please be aware that buses need to be able to get into the bus bay so please keep your cars on the road. Teachers, adult helpers and students returning will be tired and all help unloading the buses and bringing gear into the Area would be greatly appreciated.