Our Assessment and Reporting to Parents package is focussed on a number of events throughout the year.


Term One

Meet the Teachers

During Meet the Teachers evening parents are informed on matters related to their child's Area and school-wide procedures. Teacher presentations include timetables, explanations of specialist programmes, information on significant events, general rules and behaviour expectations and extra-curricular activities.


Homegroup Teacher Meetings for All Students

This is an opportunity for parents and students to meet for ten minutes with their homegroup teacher to discuss how well their child has transitioned into intermediate school life or adjusting to life as a Year 8 student. This is also an opportunity for parents to share personal information relating to their child, such as hobbies, strengths, challenges etc., or reassess goals set the previous year. The meetings are held on a weekday afternoon and are booked online.



Term Two

Mid-Year Report

The mid-year report shows where the student is at in Reading, Writing and Mathematics in relation to others in their year group. The language we use is Working Towards, Working At or Working Above. The report also informs parents on how well their child is managing themselves at school, lists the extra curricular activities the student has been involved in, has a statement from the homegroup teacher, and may have a comment from a specialist, enrichment or extension teacher.


Term Three

Student-led Conferences

The student-led conferences are focussed on the students sharing their goals, progress and challenges with their parents. All of the teachers in an Area participate in the discussions and can address questions or concerns. The duration of the conference is flexible and determined by the student. The conferences are held on a weekday afternoon and are booked online.


Term Four

End of Year Report

The end of year report has the same layout as the mid-year report.


Optional Teacher Meeting

An optional teacher meeting is offered for parents who have concerns regarding their child's end of year report, or who wish to discuss future goals for their child. Bookings are made via email to the homegroup teacher.


Throughout the Year


Online System

Students’ work is stored and assessed online (Google Drive, Hapara, Google Classroom etc). Parents can view their child’s work using their child’s email address and password, which is provided to parents at the start of the year.


Parent Teacher Meetings

Teachers are available to meet with parents at any time during the year.  These meetings can be arranged before school or after school, and can be made via email to the homegroup teacher.



The school does not complete references for application to colleges, however, applications for scholarships are an exception.  Teachers will complete individual student references for these applications when given ten days prior notice.