Wider Opportunities

Extra Opportunities

Our teachers recognise the physical, emotional and social benefits students gain from individual and team sports. We encourage all students to participate, regardless of their fitness, physical abilities, or levels of proficiency. Coaching and supervised training is available for all sports we offer.
Every year we send sports teams to the AIMS Games in Tauranga, where students compete against students from more than 300+ schools. The AIMS Games is a highlight for many of our competitive students. 
Music and dance are popular expressions of all cultures, and at our school this is definitely so.  We are very proud of our Māori and Pasifika cultural groups who often perform pōwhiri, waiata and haka for visitors and at the local festivals. 
Our school choir is open to all students who wish to audition. We also have an extension choir called Glee Club. The choir performs at significant events in the school calendar and represent the school at local festivals. 
Students who play instruments with a reasonable level of proficiency can join our orchestra or instrumental group.
Every second year our students have the opportunity to audition, and perform or support in a school production.
For our technologically passionate students we provide many opportunities to further develop skills. Technology clubs may include robotics, coding, Minecraft and a competitive EPro8 squad.